LCYDC: Continuum Services

Terry Woodall
Director, Continuum Services Division
(334) 745-2760

The LCYDC Department of Psychological Services provides the following services:

Clinical Services:

  • Comprehensive clinical support for all residents admitted to our Intensive Residential Treatment Facility.
  • Residential & out-patient psychological assessments, therapies, and other clinical services for children, adolescents, and families served under the LCYDC umbrella.
  • 24-hour/7-days a week/365-days a year On-Call Emergency Psychological Services to clients, residents, and programs at LCYDC.
  • Emergency Mental Status Examinations
  • Psychological Staffing for all program clients, with ongoing psychological consultation for clinical staff by licensed professionals.
  • Referrals accepted from the Department of Human Resources, the Alabama Department of Youth Services, and the Juvenile Court System.

Professional Development & In-Service Training:

  • Employee Orientation and Employee Success Curriculum provided for the purpose of enhancing the dual goal of employee career success at LCYDC and confirming that our new employees are prepared and equipped with basic information, skills, and opportunities to make an immediate positive impact on the safety, nurturance, and growth of those we serve.
  • Provision of required training and curriculums as prescribed by our contracts with the Alabama Department of Human Resources, the Department of Youth Services, and certification and compliances with Council of Accreditations (COA).
  • The ongoing development and provision of courses with curricula which facilitate a culture of ever expanding professionalism, commitment, and measurable outcomes for our specialized programs at LCYDC.
  • Providing ongoing in-house, web site, and off campus training for the purpose of remaining tuned to state of the art models, systems, and services which provide our employee opportunities to fully succeed and grow here at LCYDC.
  • Provide support, training, and state of the art technology for those members of the LCYDC Team who become professional trainers for our employees.

Intensive In-Home Services:

A community and home based program providing coaching, counseling, and crisis mitigation services to 38 families in a seven-county catchment area. A primary goal is to work in partnership with hurting and fractured families in effort to prevent out-of-home care. Reunification services are avaliable to assist families that have experienced brokeness.

Project Uplift:

"A child...a friend...endless possibilities" Since 1973 this service has matched volunteer mentors with several hundred young children and pre-teens residing in our Lee County area. Each year approximately 300 volunteers who are primarily Auburn University students, server as big brothers and big sisters to children referred through DHR, Family Court and the local school systems. Administrative offices located in Cary Hall on the AU campus. Visit us on the web at

TransParenting Program:

TransParenting is a Families First certified program which, in 1993, became a mandated requirement by the Lee County Family Court for divorcing parents of children (18-years old and younger) in Lee County. At present, this TransParenting Program only serves those individuals attached to the Lee County Family Court system.

Participants are mandated to attend this vital training for divorcing parents as a means to assist children and families as they transition through the divorce process.

To contact the TransParenting Program at Lee County Youth Development Center for registration, call phone number 334-745-2760, extension 201 and ask for the TransParenting Program.

Registration must be completed and the course fee payment of $50.00 received prior to the day of the class. We accept check, money orders, Visa Credit or Debit, and MasterCard for payment.

Sessions are held monthly at the Child Care Resources Center at 510 South Street, Opelika, Alabama 36801.

Certificates of Attendance for verification to the courts are provided and signed by the program facilitators at the completion of each class.

For additional information regarding:

  • What is TransParenting
  • Contact Information
  • Directions to Class
  • Registration
  • Certificates of Attendance
  • Special Needs
  • Curriculum
  • What to bring to class
  • Other Resources

Clinical Wellness:

  • Full-Time Medical Technicians
  • Weekly On-Site Client Medical Clinics with either CNP and/or M.D.
  • On-Site Medical Monitoring
  • Diet and Meal Adaptations
  • On-Site First Aid, Off-Site Specialty and/or Emergency Care

Psychiatric Services:

  • Weekly On-Site Psychiatric Clinics with M.D.
  • Ongoing Psychiatric Consultations

Abstinence Education Program :

The Abstinence program is a multi-component, interactive curriculum advocating healthy decision making, sexual, alcohol and tobacco abstinence presented to teens in 7th through 10th grades that are enrolled in Lee County, Opelika and Auburn City school systems.

Home Alone Safety Program:

The Home Alone Program is a five-part home-alone and latchkey safety curriculum offered to 4th graders in Lee County, Opelika City and Auburn City school systems. The Home Alone Safety Programs outcome surveys showed an increase in knowledge in all measured results. These results incuded an increase in knowledge of safety awareness, decision making skills, as well as home rules.

Beauty and a Book:

The research is clear – children who are read to and who become avid readers themselves are more apt to perform better in school. Most children also frequent barber shops and beauty salons for hair care and maintenance. As one of the agency’s outreach initiatives we have developed relationships with several local community shops and salons. Our agency provides the shelving, books and magazines for reading interests ranging from toddler to older adolescent. The owners provide the beauty and our agency provides the books – a perfect partnership.

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC):

Therapeutic Foster Care is an intensive, individualized service designed to treat emotionally and behaviorally challenged children in a family setting, utilizing specifically and intensively trained foster parents. Therapeutic foster care is both a highly structured and highly individualized service. As such, the components of the services are, by definition, unique to each child and family. Our TFC homes are places of healing, hope and stability for children and teens in need of sanctuary and permanency.

To Contact Continuum Services:

Phone: (334) 745-2760
Fax: (334) 745-7998